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The Faux - "They machine gun out fast, aggresive, kick-ass hardcore... Every bit amazing as I remembered and I want more, more, more!"- NEIL DUNCAN (PUNKZINE)

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31st October 2015


Happy Hallowe'en!


Here's a video we made for "Russ Hillier VS The Abominable Snowman" with a huge thank you to Jacob Stone for doing all the camera work, and Rose from St Pauls Lifestyle for letting us repeatedly bash out the same song for 4 hours in her lovely house!


Find via the YouTube link below or via THIS LINK


We hope you enjoy!

03/10/2015 - First Order Derivative Album Teaser


As we keep ranting about our upcoming album, our guitarist Russ has been working insanely hard over the last few months to put together a teaser video, in an amusing pixel-art style adventure that we embark upon.


Click HERE to check it out!


If you enjoy what you hear don't forget you can put in pre-orders at a discounted cost before October 15th, the album release date at our Store.

15/10/2015 - First Order Derivative Album Release


Today is the day... Our first full release, "First Order Derivative" is live!


Visit our Bandcamp , YouTube sites or the Media page to stream all 9 tracks, 3 are free to download in full from bandcamp and obviously if you wish to part with your hard earned cash for a full download or physical CD, you can do that too.


Those of you who made pre-orders should have your purchases by now, please contact us if this is not the case.


Much love and we hope you enjoy!